Thursday, February 12, 2015


Last May, the kids and I spent a beautiful afternoon hanging at our cousin's gorgeous abode in the south of France.  The three of us could not get over just how fun, funky, cool and beautiful this family is.  Their house had the 4 kids (all so sweet), a trampoline, puppies, a fusball table, a swimming pool, a roofdeck, cake, soda, a daybed literally could not get any cooler in our book.  It had such good fun-loving energy...we just LOVED being there and we still talk about it often.

Remember the part about how it couldn't get any cooler.  Well...guess what?  They went and made a baby!  Aghhh!!!  How exciting and fun and crazy is that?!  She arrived this week and we cannot wait to love on her!!!!

Sibling love!

Welcome sweet cousin T, you lovely girl!

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