Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Final Delft Post Until My Next Delft Post

Sorry for my recent with me.  Blue is not normally a color I am drawn to.  But, perhaps Holland has changed me...because I am feeling Delft Blue these days.

I spotted two things in the last few days that were excellent examples of how to get delft-y stuff right in a fun way.  Naturally the two things were by my two most inspiring blog girl crushes (peaches and suwannee).  These gals inspire me every day by demonstrating again and again that more is more.  Such total role models.

I spotted this collection of vases in Aunt Peaches' Home Tour on Design Sponge.  Of course I loved everything about the tour, esp this little collection.  Merci AuntP
Next up, this headboard...that I am feeeeeeling.  Jamie, of furbish studio and the isuwannee blog (all things you should stalk follow like i do)  shared this on her insta feed (follow that too).

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