Monday, April 6, 2015

What a Week

I was feeling tired yesterday - mentally and physically.

Tired is not my norm, but I realized that in one week's time, in addition to my usual work schedule and kid schedule (swim lessons, homework, football practice, etc. etc.) I had:
Above, a chandelier at the Ritz in Berlin.  Below, a selfie in the hallway at the Ritz in Berlin. Don't I look good at the Ritz in Belin? Did I mention we stayed at the Ritz in Berlin?

I am optimistic that life just gets better and better. But when I look at the list above I wonder, how could it? When I am old and truly tired, I hope I have access to this blog and I read this post and I remember what it was like to live a week like last week filled with my family, friends and experiences. It was awesome. Feeling grateful. And tired. 

PS - how scary are these signs?

1 comment:

Mary said...

I am catching up, and this post made me smile big. What an amazing week, and what an amazing life you're living. Full in the best ways. It's an inspiration.

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