Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photos du Jour

Childhood in Holland

O 'ghost riding' an extra bike through Vondel Park, like a true Dutchie
The gals and I always see funny stuff when we run early on Sunday was a Cinderella story...wouldn't we all love to know how that white pump got there...
I'm sorta loving my new-to-me vintage mexican culottes...because, well, they are pretty cool...also loving this time of year when the bedroom doors are open all day...
I have racked my brain and cannot think of a single decent excuse to explain why I have not yet dotted up one of our oma fietsen. I've certainly bike-crushed on spotted fietsen around town for 2 this beauty in het Pijp.
Pets are not my jam. I don't even like on earth do I end up with a parrot on my shoulder? That smile on my face is fake, I was not happy about that situation. 

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