Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photos du Jour

Inspired by our Portland buddies, we have been trying to get into jump roping. When the shirt comes off, I know he's "into it".
Amsterdam in a photo: tulips, bikes, canal, boats, bridges, clouds
The canals are so still and quiet at dawn. 
It would be hard to pick a favorite house in this city...but if I had a list of faves, this skinny black one would be near the top
True story, today I was buying flowers and smoked eel (look at me, so dutch) from their respective stands on utrechtstraat, I turn around to head back to my bike and the site of it took my breath away. City life, in this city, and bike life, on this bike, is such a beautiful existence. 
My girl ASR spotted our guy this morning! This is major. The hope of seeing him is a big part of my motivation to get out of bed each morning. We were in a dry had been months since a spotting. But voila, he is still out there...

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