Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marathon Monday!

My heart is always in Boston on Marathon Monday.

For years and years I was in Boston on the big day, beating myself up for not being fast enough to run the race. Then for years I would watch the race from Portland, wishing I was fast enough to run. Reading this old 2008 post takes me right back to those years and that unsatisfied feeling I had every Marathon Monday. It is fun to read that old post, now. I love how much I believed, I knew I'd get there.

Finally, 3 years ago, after a decade of trying, I qualified to run Boston.

At the time, we lived in Portland, but rallied back to Bean Town to get it done at last. I couldn't have had a better title for the post. It really was the best day ever. If you were one of the people in my life that rallied to Boston to support me, or cheered me on from afar, or made custom foam fingers (amazing) - I am forever grateful for what you did to make that day so incredible - thank you!

Nobody will ever forget or understand the horrors of Boston 2013.

It was exciting to see the city pull it together for last year's race, showing the world the race will go on in all of its glory. Today will be fun to watch, it always is.

For me, Marathon Monday certainly hits a bunch of emotions. Including of course the Boston I shared with KK (on Marathon weekend, and for many years as roommates).

The photo above from my day in Boston sits on my desk, reminding me always that she is cheering for I run through life with her in my heart.

Happy Marathon Monday to all. To celebrate, I was up early cranking out a few peaceful miles along the canals.

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Mary said...

I love Marathon Monday, and I always think of you on this day as well. It was a great day and an amazing accomplishment! It's cold and nasty here today, so we didn't go out to watch like we usually do, but we've enjoyed watching from home this year. Happy Patriot's Day!

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