Friday, January 21, 2011

SweetP Loves her Uncle B

We love our SweetP (duh), but she was a touch high maintenance while we were on the east coast for 10 days over the holidays.  Baby girl was a bit sick, getting some teeth, in a new time zone, covered in diaper rash...and just kind of out of whack. 

She didn't mean to hurt people's feelings...but aside from her mama and occasionally her papa,  she did not want ANYONE to touch her, let alone hold her.  We were around lots of family and friends who love her very much, and everyone was eager for a turn to snuggle up to SweetP....unfortunately SweetP was quick to let them know that she was not interested in being snuggled.

Her Uncle B knows a thing or two about baby girls.  He has 3 girls himself, the Vixens.  Uncle B was gentle, yet persistent.  He did not give up on P.  He tried and tried in sweet subtle ways to win her over.  And on the last day, there was a major break through. 
We love you Uncle B!  Now...get a new shirt already....xo

1 comment:

Ms. Mayhem said...

I like Uncle B too. Uncle B looks HOT!

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