Wednesday, January 12, 2011

House Rules

Although maybe its a bit played out, I still love the chalk board trend in homes, esp homes with kids. 

Whether it is done on a chalk board or in some other creative way, I LOVE the idea of posting house rules. The ones above are so cute.  I spotted this photo here on Mary's blog.  She spotted it here.   

This would be fun to do when the kids are old enough to help draft the rules.  Remind me about it in a few years, k?

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Mary said...

I love the idea of house rules too, and this and other pictures I've stumbled on along the way have made me start thinking about what I'd include if we ever actually put some up. I'm afraid they wouldn't all be as sweet as these, though. ;-)

Oh and your ski house looks awesome! Really cool that you guys are doing that.

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