Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Luv Lux

It is kind of rainy in PDX today, which makes me think of another place I used to live that had very similar climate conditions. Growing up, we lived in Luxembourg.

Recently, O was doing some work in Amsterdam so (babyF and) I flew over for a long weekend and I took him (them) on a quick tour of Lux. It was so fun to show him (them) around.
One of the first stops was 27A Rue Alphonse Munchen - the house in the village of Bertrange where we grew up. The house looks exactly the same.

Another early stop - my old school. It looked the same to me.

Here is O trying the local classic, Moules, Frites and a Bofferding (local beer)

Here we are at the Holiday Market (we were there in December)

Overlooking the Grunde (the lower city in downtown Lux)

Another shot of the Grunde.

It was a quick visit, but so much fun. I am so glad I got to share Lux with O and BabyF.

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Anonymous said...

We took a diversion up through Lux on our way east across France last week- thought of you! Hope all is well with the little guy!

xo Jodi

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