Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Shower Cake Ideas. Not.

Some gals and I are planning a baby shower for one of our bff's from RHS. Here are some cakes that we WILL NOT BE ORDERING. This site is hilarious.

This one is creepy...

JG - if only you got prego sooner, Juno style, we'd get you this one.

JG, what do you think of this one? Can you please send me your measurements in case we opt to do this for you??

I dislike carrot cake, now I really dislike it.

And most certainly we will not get this one!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i guess it is all prospective. Bean thought the carrot cake was cute...her comment made me laugh. K wanted to see the one below that...yikes

RF said...

Cutting the cake gets a bit awkward especially with that first option.

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