Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wilde Tour of Cortina

On our recent trip to Cortina, we had a tour guide, from afar.  Our dear friends, team Wilde, advised on where to eat, where to ski, what to do, and who to ask for.  How are they such experts?  Well, they are more than mere experts, they are local legends.  In case you are not my mom have not been reading this blog since 2008, you may not remember this old post, or this one, or this one, from their time in Cortina. Ever since those posts, I have regretted not visiting them in Cortina and been determined to get there someday.

MW was a UVM hockey star who rode that college fame straight into the pros, where he made quite a name for himself in Italy.  In researching this information-rich post I realized he is so famous in Italy that he has a wikipedia page, in Italian and lots of press like this.

Wifey SW was happy to tag along because she also happened to be a ski star and lover of winter and was very happy to ski her way through the dolomites while her hunky hockey guy grew famous. Apparently, while they was over there, MW and team won the big title championship thingy for all of Italy.  This was 8 years ago...but if you ask people in Cortina, they remember the victory and MW like it was yesterday.  Multiple restaurants had his photos on the wall.  We felt famous just for knowing him.   It was cool.

Natch, I had to also see their digs.  Voila!  Conveniently it was right next to our hotel! I'm shocked there was no plaque to alert passers by that team Wilde lived in this house.  Perhaps the plaque was under the snow?

Grazie team Wilde for all of the insider tips, we had a blast!

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Martin and Sarah said...

Just seeing this. SO glad you guys got to experience one of our fave places in the world! You've inspired us to get our butts back there pronto. xoxox

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