Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photos du Jour

I found this gem in a senior photo...oh my.  And on the same day I found it I got an email alerting me of details regarding our 20th reunion.  TWENTY YEARS?!  
This is how an american kid in a french school issues a written apology in english, that brain is so smart and maybe a little confused, all at once.
A big part of me wants to live in Amsterdam forever.  A big piece of my heart certainly will. Another part of me knows that we cannot do that, and so I maintain an Amsterdam bucket list.  SUP-ing on the Amstel jumped up near the top after spotting this today while on a (long, amazing, fun, fast, inspiring, social) run.  
My house went from crazy clean to this in literally 3 minutes today.  
I find it hard to wear fun, bright tights and not document them.

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