Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cortina Grub

The famous dish in Cortina is called Casunziei Ampezzani, it is beet root ravioli with brown butter and poppy seeds.  It was on the menu nearly everywhere we went and I ordered it nearly every meal.  Now, home in Amsterdam, I was suffering withdrawals, as I do post vacation when I get hooked on local fare.  And, similar to with my tartiflette addiction, I needed to scratch my ravioli itch.  And so, the other night, I made it happen.

Check me out.  Homemade** Casunziei Ampezzani.

**By homemade i mean that I found a store that sells homemade beet root ravioli, brought it home and added butter and poppy seeds, cuz I'm resourceful and domestic like that.

While we are talking about food and Cortina - here is a list of ridiculously good restaurants you should try if you go there...

da Beppa Sello - tell them you know Martin
Tivioli - fancy and long, but good.  Like, really fancy.  Like, maybe don't bring small kids, but do go.

Al Camin - maybe our fave dinner (we enjoyed uno and escargots)

Ospitale - cool building and decor, not the best service (compared to exceptional service everywhere else we went)

Rifugio Capanna Tondi - best best best lunch spot on the hill.  Amazing.  Order the Cansunziei Ravioli and chocolate soup!  The food and service was just so good, we kept going back day after day.  Plus, sidetone:  I could not get over the rugs in this place - each is so so lovely and amazing...and getting slushed up every day by ski boots!

We were sad to say goodbye to the staff at the refugio...they took great care of our lunch needs for 2 straight weeks, thats a lot of ravioli!

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Martin and Sarah said...

YUM! I skied by Capanna Tondi for 2 years. Silly me. I guess that will have to be the first stop when we return!

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