Thursday, March 26, 2015

RIP Steven Smith

I can honestly say that my life has been significantly sweeter because of Steven Smith.  Steven, a Portland guy, founded Tazo Tea, the makers of the very best chai latte in the entire world.  As noted in the Oregonian's coverage of his passing  "He took chai to new levels with ingredients such as ginger root, cassia, black pepper, cloves and cardamom."

I didn't know Steve, but after reading the beautiful piece in the Oregonian, I feel like I did.  What an inspirational life story, right up until the very end.  I cried reading it. 

As I drink my chai, with my name misspelled, I smile knowing one thing...I have a best friend in heaven who loves Tazo Chai, and she will welcome Steve.  KK introduced me to Tazo Chai Lattes back in 2000 and I remember details of my first and my last chai with KK.  

For the final years of our friendship, we did not live in the same city, but we'd often call or text as we sipped a chai - it was our thing. Thanks Steve. Reading about you makes me believe you created chai for good friendships like ours.  Mission accomplished.  

A quick search of this blog proves how much chai and I are intertwined.  

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Aaron Stewart said...

What a beautiful tribute. Made me tear up too.

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