Tuesday, January 27, 2015

AMS <--> PDX <--> AMS

This weekend I did a mega-quick trip to PDX.  The trip was mostly for work, but I sure had a lot of fun too. 

It felt great to be in the USA!  Plus I got to see the #pdxcarpet one last time...

Ready for takeoff:
Quick tour de Pearl District en route to work
Birthday girl
It is keeping weird
My office
Hoodie was showing off for me...
Timberline Lodge, front door - this was the venue for Friday's meetings
Pacific Northwest Mountain Chic at its finest
One of my oldest colleagues from my first job out of college is now one of my newest colleagues as she has joined my firm- so excited!

Of course I had to swing by Hood River to see G and B
Hood love fest continues, this is the view from my neighborhood...
I was so excited to take a ride on this chair lift
Finally hit up the Woodsman Tavern, something that has been on my to do list for years...
My girls and I had a mama slumber party, which ended with a morning run around Mt. Tabor in all it's misty glory
Running buddy reunion
The visit was good til the last drop.  Literally.  

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