Monday, January 19, 2015

Wereld Kerstcircus

The fact I am so behind on blog posts is making me crazy.  Not because I feel any pressure to post, but because I really enjoy making time to pause and remember the goodies that find their way to my little corner of the www.  I don't love when I feel too busy to make the time.  Lucky for me, I am busy doing fun things, but we are in mid January and I am throwing down another December post.  

The Wereld Kerstcircus.  Just after school ended in December, and just before we took off for 2 weeks in Vars, we were lucky enough to score tickets with some besties to the opening night of the Wereld Kerstcircus (World Christmas Circus) at the Carre Theatre.  What a show.  What a theatre.  What a night.    

Before the show, we caught dinner at Moeder's, a Dutch institution that we knew we had to try...

The menu was as Dutch as could be, the atmosphere was as gezellig as could be, and a good time was had by all...

After dinner, we hopped on our bikes in the rain and rode to the show

The Amsterdam memories these 4 sweethearts are making together will last their lifetime.  Now that is gezellig.

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