Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All Aboard

Before January comes and goes I really do want to remember the amazingness that was our 2 week alpine holiday.  I probably won't do it justice, at least not as well as I did last year.  But this trip to Vars was as good as the last and we can't wait for the next.  

Twas the night before go time, and all through the house
Ski shit was piled up...what could rhyme here besides mouse?

Eventually we got it packed up into 4 very large heavy suitcases...and we were ready to roll...everyone had a pair of skis, some of us had 2 pairs.  Everyone had ski boots, some of us had 2 pairs.  Some of us had snowboards and snowboard boots.  Some of us brought XC skis and boots...just in case.  We had a lot of stuff.
 I already mentioned this...but wow do we love the train, esp the one that goes to the alps!
 Playmobile sessions as we go...

 Stopover...somewhere in France...

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