Sunday, August 1, 2010

One More Tahoe Post

We have so many great pix and memories from last week's road trip. Here are a few more blog-worthy pix.

Family hike:
Beach day:
Squaw Valley playground:
Papa Jean: Sandboxing:
Looking adorable in a darling reversible skirt (thank you LH):
Bday Party!

Vacation is delicious:

Girl talk:

Loving on Annie:

Picnic-ing with a couple of the uncles:

Uncle A and Auntie J were in Tahoe for the weekend too, and somehow I managed to not get any pix of them. Bummer, cuz they were looking all in love. Lots of wedding talk! So fun!

1 comment:

z$'s mama said...

z says, I remember that boy. he wanted his fingernails painted.

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