Monday, November 17, 2014

Sint Maarten

As promised, a Sint Maarten post.  Better yet, a video.

Watch til the end, the last girls are so freaking cute…"oh yea".

And here are some photos of our lanterns.  Also so cute, oh yea.

Speaking of lanterns…here is last year's tutorial from WKF.  He has changed so much in a year…and yet this video is still full of helpful details in case you are inspired to make a lantern of your own...

In case it isn't clear, this holiday is my favorite favorite of all the Dutch special days (Queens Day, Kings Day, Sinterklaas arrival, World Cup parties, Pride Parade…).

For all the details about this day (history, meaning, etc.) - go here.  To see how sweet and simple and fun it is, scroll up and watch those videos again.

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