Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Binge and Purge

Sometimes O travels.  When he does I tend to binge and purge.

What about the binging?  Let's start with the binging.  Oh, the binging.

Mayyyyybe I'm still on a Gossip Girl kick.  Blame KK for that.  I'm in season 5, and I think I need to see the series through until the end...right...for KK...?  Right.

I also binge read Amy's new book.  Damn is it good.  Yes Please!  Loved this article about the book from the New Yorker that HB shared.  
Don't think I could ignore all the buzz about Serial and not get sucked in.  I am all caught up and ready for the next episode.  OMG thank goodness tomorrow is Serial Day, I mean Thursday.  Even the WSJ is talking about its legit yo.  Tuning into a podcast makes me feel like it is the Y2K again.  And if you read Yes Please, Amy P will convince you that time travel exists.  She is so right.  And see how I tied all this together?

Wow that's a lot of content to take in so fast (hello, binge definition, i think).  I can hear you judging (how does she have that much time?).  I don't have that much time...I multitask well.  Anyhoo.  It isn't all media binging over here...I'm also enjoying some binge running (duh) and after just one class I plan to binge on hot yoga over the next few weeks.

Oh, and I have also been binging on brain is thankful for feels so good.  To keep up with my good work (if I do say so) over there, here is another blog for you to enjoy...

As for purging...recent purging was already discussed, in the form of extreme organization.  Those efforts continue, my closet is up next.  I need to make room, lots and lots of room, for Mara Hoffman's new Guatemala-inspired Resort Line.  I am going to order every.single.piece. of this line (in my dreams, in my dreams).  

One more purge note, since it is on topic.  I love this National Unfriend Day (#NUD) thing, I missed the big day but it is on my to do list.  Thank you Jimmy Kimmel!  Did you NUD?  

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Stephanie said...

I'm totally hooked on Serial too! Is it Thursday YET!?

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