Monday, November 24, 2014

Le Weekend

This guy.  So glad he is home.  Right from the plane to the rink.  Jet lag is not a word we say...
Whatever happened on Thursday, it's in the past...they both did pretty well...luckily there is not a third column on this chart to track my behavior.  I am not sure I'd post that version.
Tis the season to put the skates in the bike and hit the rink as much as possible.  The rink opened on Saturday, we were there for the big opening.  We went both days this weekend and W plans to go again after school today.   Both kids are another year stronger and more coordinated this cool to see.
The rink at dusk is absolutley one of my favorite things in Amsterdam
P invented the stroopwafelpop, and I really think we should patent this idea.
These two have the sweetest friendship you have ever seen.  Their connection is lovely and simple and so fun to be near.


Dutchie said...

Some thought about this earlier ;-)


Mary said...

Love it! I want to go ice skating too!

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