Monday, December 19, 2011

Funny Confession #134

I finally accomplished a New Years Resolution (from 2008)!  Family Photos!

The super talented HVK helped make it happen for me. 

Here is a link to all the above shots and more. 

We shot at Oaks Park, I love how it turned out for a backdrop.  I also love everything else about that place. 

We even followed up the shoot with our first ever holiday card. If you didn't get a card, its probably because I am awful at maintaining an address book - email me your info and I'll happily pop one in the mail tomorrow!

I love how all the shots turned out...but my favorite is the masks in front of the carousel.  I blew it up huge and hung it in our kitchen.  I keep wanting to post a picture of the picture, but my kitchen is always such a mess....and I keep thinking I'll snap the picture when I clean the kitchen.  It could be a while...

Northwest peeps, if you are looking for a photographer, HVK should be your girl.  For real.  Call her.  She lives in PDX but gets up to Seattle lots too.  You may recall she also shot our house last summer for stephmodo. 


Anonymous said...

Cutest family ever!!! Love all these photo's. They belong in a magazine!

Mary said...

Love love love the pictures! They are so great. You guys are seriously cute. AMW has said, and I agree, that yours is the best card we've received this year.

hvk said...

thanks for the props, sweet girl!
your xmas card is the bomb! :)

Anonymous said...

omg, absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous. Should be a huge magazine spread.

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