Monday, December 12, 2011

City Mouse, Mountain Mouse

It is probably crazy annoyingly clear how much I adore weekends on the hill.  That said, I also just love love love this city.  We are committed to being in the snow during winter weekends, but sometimes I wish I could be 2 places at once.  There is so much action in Portland...this past weekend there were 3 events I hated to miss, not to mention I hated having to pass on a festive night out with good friends. 

Did anyone check out Crafty Wonderland, Portland Bazaar or Tuba Christmas?  Well....tell me everything..

Interesting coverage of the first 2 events here

1 comment:

hvk said...

i made it to two out of three! CW was awesome! and i started a(nother) blog where i went on and on about how amazing the craft vibe was.

and and i got your incredible xmas card today- yay!
xo, hvk

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