Monday, December 19, 2011

Apres Ski Fete

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that we take our fondue seriously.  We rallied on Thursday night and threw together an apres ski themed fete for O's work team.  Everyone got into the theme and we had a blast.

 Season passes and custom stickers were designed by JLo, the girl is good.   

 Holidays are not here until you gorge yourself on peppermint bark.  Done. 

Sterno fondue?  We weren't sure how this would work out...but it was a hit.  
Apres the apres.  The host was wiped. 
People were "shotgunning" beers on the porch. Wow. 

Morning came fast. Faster than I could clean up the beer cans. College style. 

Somehow the babes slept through the entire thing.  O never reads my blog...if he does, some of these shotgunning beer with coworkers pictures may get removed.  You never saw them.  Deal?

We are up at the mountain and have been since Saturday.  Pretty sure the house still smells like fondue cheese.  We'll deal with it in the new year....


thesmallviking said...

whoo hoo! what a hit. love the sterno s'mores - fantastic! you'll have to write the recipe!

Ms. Mayhem said...

I think I see someone shot-gunning a beer. Quite excellent!

heather v keeling said...

your outfit rules! loving on your silver uggs!!
and shotgunned beers? wow! good times!

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