Saturday, December 10, 2011

Straight No Chaser

Its no secret, O and I are suckers for high quality A Capella.  I think I've mentioned that before, but its been a while. 

Well, the other night we caught Straight No Chaser at the Schnitz, and my oh my were they fabulous!  These IU Hoosiers have such a cool story*, and besides that, they are amazing.  Social media is largely responsible for their rise.  Due to that, they encourage you to film, post, blog, and tweet about them.  Here are two videos I captured at the show.  Enjoy. 

* Their cool story goes something like this.  The dudes were great in college, but went separate ways after graduation.  Then youtube was invented.  Then a decade-old clip of them singing 12 days of Christmas got posted and went viral.  They were on the today show.  Then they got back together, quit their day jobs, and signed a recording contract with Atlantic.  Crazy, right?  They tour often and are amazing.  Go see them.


Birdie said...


Mary said...

Very cool - I used to love watching A Capella groups in college but haven't done much of it since. Love this!

PS - happy birthday to your little cutie!

Mary said...

Looks like it's going viral again....I've been sent the 12 days of Christmas video three times this week and two of my cousins posted to Facebook. Very fun!

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