Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photos du Jour

WKF is a serious dude most of the time. I love when he gets silly.
It's only wednesday, but I can't wait to be wearing my weekend sweatshirt (new momiform) again in a few days. Ideally I wear it on a bike with my people.
I love this shot. My pro dairy sweatshirt and the background jug of regular milk are at odds with the almond milk in my hand.
Mimi, remember that time we took the train to Seattle? Yeah, me too, Beycause it was really fun. We all need more train travel in our lives, for real.
Bey inspired home decor. #iwokeuplikethis
Fresh polish is always a good feeling
My HS reunion is in a few weeks, but this mini version with the always fabulous stephmodo was pretty fun. PS she was voted "most feminine" in high school - so funny (and pretty appropriate). 
Finally - PSA: give yourself a break with skinny jeans and go for boyfriend jeans. It is freeing. Not sure what took me so long to jump onto this wagon but I'm not sure I can go back. Although looking at this photo, maybe I should...

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