Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Snow

Here is yet another reason why morning runs are so great.

While out, I saw this poster, and couldn't wait to get online to learn more.

The springsnow site is so lovely, full of inspiration and all things spring.  Let it snow!

Here are some of my fave pix from their site.  Oh so pretty.

But this is the modern world, there is more to this celebration of spring than the sweet whirling elm seeds.  I can't wait to explore the augmented reality experience - Digital Poetree, which enables you to attach a message to a virtual springsnow seed by tapping it with your iPhone, you can even address and send it to someone you love.  The seed will drift through the city (based on velocity and wind directions)  and then the loved one (and you) is notified when and where it lands (you can view the exact location on google maps and street view).  Can you believe the world we live in?!  Thank you artist Robert Overweg for making awesomeness like this.  I wasn't too surprised when I checked his site and realized he had a hand in this other awesome project as well.


Along the route (download the beautifully designed map here) I also intend to stop at Artacasa gallery to check out springsnow inspired art and pick up a springsnow picnic lunch at klaver4.  I think I'm falling for this city...

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