Thursday, April 21, 2016

Run With Me: PDX

The weird, the sad, and the gorgeous...all in a sunny loop around town!

This boat situation was pretty nuts. 
You know I love a good yarn bomb, this sweetie was right by the highway
Call me

Below is a shocking and sad reality of our homeless/street population. Yuck. I was not happy to see this on my gorgeous loop. The homeless epidemic in Portland is not normal, it is awful and seems to be getting worse not better. Even if you try to run from it, you end up running right through it. I need to find a way to get involved. It is bad. 
Tough to see in this photo (below) but Mt. Saint Helens was out in all her glory today.
These fishermen didn't seem to mind the advisory...
My favorite bike lane in all of PDX...the headless horseman rides up Terwilliger

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