Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Farewell Fete Pix

We debated the best way to say goodbye. To slip away quietly or to throw a huge bash. In the end, we decided to keep it pretty mellow by hosting a gathering at our local brown bar - like everyone in Amsterdam, we have one right around the corner from our house. Cafe Kale was a perfect venue for a festive send off. We had a blast.

I took zero photos, but luckily my sweet friend ED was all over it! So fun to get all of these pix!
There is O! Someone snapped a bunch with O and I  (and others) but I never got those pix...hoping to track them down! 

Throughout this goodbye season, I have often thought of my Grandmother's wise advise...she once told O and I that we should always leave a party while we are still having a good time. I love that nugget, and as it relates to our Amsterdam adventure, we are certainly living her wisdom.

Even for a 'mellow' party, I needed the perfect getup. Because: duh. Please admire my gezellig necklace and delft tattoo (to match my nails). As for the shoes, they have now been rocked at two farewell parties - and people think wooden clogs are not versatile....
 My buddy JR, who is dutch, rocked shoes that were equally appropriate for the occasion! LOVE.

 In case it is not crystal clear already...I am going to really miss biking, especially in a tutu.

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