Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Magical Birthday

WKF's bday was over 2 months ago, but it's never too late to share beautiful photos. We had a joint party with his buddy F. F's mama is an amazing photographer. It was such a gift to have her capture the fete. As we pack up our home here (sniff, sniff), it comforts me to have it's spirit captured so perfectly in these photos. Thank you ND. I am pretty sure the selection below is enough for you, but to see all the pix, go here. 

Lucky us, this past year we had a pro video guy (uncleRy) on hand to capture P's fete, and ND was here to capture WKFs. Turning 5 and 7 has never been more beautiful!

 Leaving Ams is a bit easier knowing this cute blond (and her family) is also moving to PDX...

 How sweet is AS, showing up to the party with a "HB WINTER" necklace.

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