Friday, June 19, 2015

USA! USA! USA! Oranje! Oranje! Oranje!

While our family was visiting, we all joined up with some dear Amsterdam besties and headed out to a huge football match. USA vs. Holland, men's friendly game. Both teams are Nike and both teams have a place in our hearts for obvious reasons. As a result, we knew we'd win the game either way, and we dressed and cheered to support them all...

 In the end, it was USA that won the match (4-3). A major upset...beating the Netherlands at their own game?? This was a first for USA, and it was very exciting to be there.

As she should be, Annie was proud of her son and I think she enjoyed seeing him at "work".

For a beautiful recap of this same evening from HB's POV, click over here. #orangecrush

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