Friday, June 26, 2015


We don't leave Amsterdam until mid-August, but once school lets out for the summer (next week) our friends all dissipate for various summer adventures and so we are having a farewell fete tonight. A chance to get friends together is always something to be excited about, but saying goodbye is never easy.

Hard to believe our Portland send-off was 2.5 years ago! I am feeling so much deja vu. Those goodbyes were so hard. But somehow, in that case, they were softened by the security that we'd return. See you all soooooooooon!!!!

Tonight's goodbyes are different. Not only is it unlikely that we will return for more than a visit, it is unlikely that most of these pals would be here if we did. The expat crowd is a transient bunch. Tonight is the start of the end of this chapter. Sniff..sniff...

Sidenote: If you are reading this and didn't get the invite, please know it is because I am unorganized not because it is exclusive. Let me know...the more the merrier!

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