Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It isn't allllll about my birthday lately.  There are other holidays to celebrate...and the kids have been celebrating big at school.  

Last week Sinterklaas and his helpers came to school, probably because Amerigo (their horse) could smell the carrots in the shoes...my friend HB did a great job writing all this Sinterklaas stuff up, so go there to learn and see a thoughtful post on the topic.  I intend to go to her blog in future years when I want to remember.  Below are a few snaps of mine from the season...

 Carrots were replaced by chocolate letters and peppernotten

WKF's class celebrated Dutch style, which includes writing poems about their friends.  Here is one that was written about WKF.
Upcoming, we have tickets to go to this Christmas Circus, which is an Amsterdam holiday tradition...
And twinkle lights continue to light up the city (and my heart) as I roll through this ridiculously charming town.

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