Monday, June 16, 2014

We Own The Night

Last Saturday, some gals and I owned the night!   Last year's run was so much fun, I was really looking forward to this year's event.  The race, a 10k women's only event, didn't even start until after 11PM.  Nike did it up big, like Nike does.

This is the crew that I biked over to the start with.  As you can see it is full daylight...even though it was about 9:30pm! 
And what a start!  Below, a photo from the Nike FB page, is the start of the race.  We started (and finished) in Olympic Stadium, it was a very exciting starting line.
 The run went through the Rijksmuseum tunnel (photo below is from the Nike FB page as well).

The finish line loot was super, and included a cool necklace designed by the boyscouts.  
Here is my friend LL and me after the run.  LL and I ran it together last year as well, although this year she has a baby on board.  She and that belly rocked the race.  
The gals and I stayed after a while to take in the finish line festivities.  I didn't roll home until nearly 2AM.

As for the run, the 10k turned out to be a 10.6k, the extra 0.6k didn't help anyone's 10k time very much.  But the run was super fun and in the end I took home 8th place!  I was happy with my top 10 finish and can't wait to sign up for 2015.

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Lisa said...

8th place!! You're amazing!

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