Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Funny Confession #288

Recent running posts (like thisthis, this or this), probably have you worried that I am getting cocky and big for my britches.  Please don't worry, i am not a total egomaniac runner, and we can thank the gal who got first place in the midzomernacht race for helping to keep me in check.  That girl, who was way too cool to even show up for the awards ceremony, beat me by FIVE MINUTES.   You may not all be runners, so let me tell you the obvious...FIVE MINUTES separating first and second place in a short-ish race like a 10k is a very big deal.  She absolutely crushed me.  By the time I stumbled to the podium for the award ceremony, she was probably home, showered and in bed, which would explain why she didn't show up to take her hardware or her moment of glory.

Proof of the crushing is below.  FIVE MINUTES.  Wow.  Respect.

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