Monday, June 23, 2014

Oranje Wins Again!

Amsterdam is losing its mind right now.  With tonight's victory over Chile (sorry Jojo) Holland is 3 for 3 in World Cup victories, and with each win, the city celebrates...big time.  Living here for the World Cup is impossible to describe, it is just so cool and so much fun and if I had a better vocabulary I am sure I could do a better job letting you know just how cool and just how fun...

Luckily pictures are worth 1000 words, so no more words, just some pix from tonight.  Tonight we saw only one game, but we hit up four parties.  The first was a sweet bday party for a school bestie, kids were all eager to watch the game:

Around halftime, we left the bday, hopped on the bike and rolled through Vondelpark on the way home.  This was the scene.  

Then we rolled through Museumplein, where I didn't take any pix, but I found this one online to give you an idea of the scene.  Craziness.  Huge crowds, huge screens...we were here when they scored the first goal.  Imagine the mayhem.  

After museumplein, we rolled home just in time for the tail end of our street's block party.  The frat on the corner (I'm serious, there is a frat on the corner) hosted the fete and they went all out (frat style) by mounting couches on top of kegs, so the kids could see the game.  They brought out 2 big flat screens, a large framed picture of the king, and they had the bbq going.  So much fun!  We were here for goal number two.  After that we zipped home and the kids were asleep within minutes.  Oh what a night!  Hup Holland Hup!!!!

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Mary said...

What an amazing experience! It's not quite the same here, is it? How cool that the kids get to be a part of it too. Now that Spain's out, I'll be rooting for the orange. ;-)

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