Tuesday, March 12, 2013

De Taart van m'Tante

If my sis was here today I'd take her here, to this darling cake shop, and eat up an enitre cake to celebrate her birthday.  Happy Bday LL!!! 

She is not here, and I still may go.  In her honor, of course. 

How adorable does this place look?  It is dangerously close to my house and plus I hear they offer something delicious called "Chocolate Bitch Pie", made with fine belgian chocolate.  How can you not want a slice of that?!

pix are from here, here and here.

Also, FYI, they also have a b&b upstairs called "Cake under my pillow".  So cute.    But of course nobody reading this needs a b&b, you'll stay with me obvs. 


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