Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ski Day in the Flatlands and Thank You Burton

O is taking the kids skiing today, in the flattest country in the world. Can't wait to hear all about it. No doubt a ski trip in the Netherlands will warrant its own separate post, I hope he takes pix. The facility is inside, check it out. 

I snapped this shot of W before he left. I wanted to remember the last time he wore those ski pants. After 3 full seasons in the same bibs, I think he has outgrown them, they are getting snug.  Huge props to Burton for making a pair of pants of such high quality and durability that have worked for him from age 2 to nearly 5..  W has worn these pants hard, for years...and they are still in awesome shape, ready for P to take next season. 

Here hs is at age 2, rocking those pants.  Baggy and folded up a few times...but totally working.  He still rocks the same coat as well, pretty sure that is getting snug too.  Thank you Burton, amazing. 


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