Friday, February 19, 2010

Team Tahoe Silver Belle

I did warn you in advance, i LOVE the please forgive me for all the related posts. But seriously - doesn't she look sooooooooooo happy!!?!? Rightfully so! Yeah!

And did you see her commercial? Too cool

And my final Julia thought for the day - I really enjoyed this article. Maybe I like a little drama...maybe I agree that NBC may have picked the "wrong queen of alpine".

No doubt Lindsay is also amazing and adorable and I want her to also do well....but Julia sure got overlooked (not by me - haha)...and now she sure is on fire. Go Jules.

And one more Olympic thought before I wrap up this post - today is men's skiing...gooooooooooooo Marco, keep the Tahoe domination going! Goooooooooooo Marco!

1 comment:

You Are My Fave said...

I so agree that she gets overlooked. It's been all Lindsay all the time and I think Julia needs to be highlighted just as much.

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