Friday, September 25, 2009


I love having a cozy on my cup when drinking something hot and yummy (e.g., a chai tea latte). But I always feel a little guilty reaching for the cardboard cozy. I want it, I like how it feels in my hand, I like the experience of the cozy, but do I really need the cardboard cozy?

Leave it to a creative Portland gal to be selling these cuties at local coffee shops. Things that are cute and green are so much better than things that are just cute or just green.

Portlanders, go get yours at vivo espresso on se 9th and Morrison. Grab one for me too...or perhaps I'll head over and get one for myself...I want to support this and look cute with my cozy all at the same time.


Jayne said...

I love these and a lot more stylish than the cardboard!

I've also found them through a midwestern based company, Bagolitas.

thesmallviking said...

i'm going to make you one of these - the best is that it rolls up and becomes a keychain!

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