Sunday, March 20, 2016

Remember The Last

Today we moved out of the Mountain House. We have made so many memories here through the years. I cannot count how many times we carried sleeping babies turned little children up this ladder to their loft on Friday nights. Always worth the Friday rally to wake up here on snowy Saturdays. We spent two memorable christmas' here, celebrated a few anniversaries here. We hosted a few fun fondue fetes and lots of unplanned cocoa and sledding parties. Today as I snapped these photos I begged the kids to remember it all - I know I will. Oddly, we hope never to return...because we hope hope hope our new chalet will be ready by the time next season rolls around - fingers crossed. When the new digs are complete, we will just be down the road from this place, so we'll get to smile and wave as we pass her. Her sweet simplicity was such a refreshing reminder that less is more...a theme we hope to remember as we build the new place.

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