Sunday, February 21, 2016

Field of Dreams

I think we have proven to ourselves that we love government camp. We have rented for the ski season for at least 4 years, not counting the 3 that we were in Europe skiing our hearts out.

Per our new years theme, we decided the time was now. And we bought a lot.

Today we built a snowman on the lot...soon we'll build a chalet of our own! We are excited. Be sure to swing by for a cocoa next year at this time...

PS - our kids ride the lift without us these days. eeeeek, this is new territory.
And PS again - check out how high the plow pile is these days! Taller than the rooflines!

1 comment:

hvk said...

CONGRATS!!! you guys def need to own a little piece of that mountain!

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