Friday, December 11, 2015

Birthday Love!

My birthday came and went this week. I chose not to throw a bash like last year, but I am feeling just as loved. 39, lets do this!

My PDX Running bestie (and neighbor) showed up chez moi on birthday eve with flowers, ice cream and a one of a kind North Drinkware vase. She also rallied out in the cold, wet, dark, morning (5am baby), for a running mission. Amazing dedication.  In fact, every single one of my PDX besties called or texted or showed their love. So sweet. So grateful.

My kindergarten bestie sent the cutest card. MLN, je t'aime. Thank you.

My HS bestie said and did all the right things, because that is just how she rolls, always. 5 kids of her own and she makes me feel like the most important person in her life. She has a gift, she is a gift.  Really, my entire HS girlgang is amazing. Although we missed having a proper reunion (seriously, wtf happened?), we are as close as we were circa '95, and its always fun to hear from them on my bday. RHS forever.

My AMS girls were all over the bday. They were the first on the scene with texting and social media - the 9 hour time difference was a great way to get the long distance party started early. HB was first to blow up my phone with bday love. Merci.

Several AMS gals even took me out for dinner. Look closely - there I am...on their iPhone. Love this picture. Miss these dinners.
And my AMS Running Besties gifted me the ultimate. The gift of all running bestie gifts. They rallied out for a cold, dark, early run and spotted him, and captured him on film. On my bday. Ohhh la looove these rolling buns!

My new work besties barely know me and yet already know me well enough to realize that Justin's PB Cups, a sweet card and Christmas Birthday Cactus can steal my heart. I'm easy. And lucky to have these amazing new and lovely colleagues.

I wanted to crawl through the phone and onto the beach of costa rica when I saw this. LF, you are the best.

My original and oldest besties (parents and big sis) showered me with love, cards, calls, laughs and bday wishes. As did the rest of my family on both sides. Merci merci!

My kids were on good behavior most of the day and willingly agreed to my plan to eat cake and ice cream before dinner. They are so easy going.

And my man squeezed in a romantic fancy mid-day lunch before catching his flight that day. Lunch dates are the bomb. Everyone should do more of them. I hope he and I do. Speaking of supportive hubbies - have you seen this internet amazingness?

And now back to me and my bday. Final bday gift came the day after... when I realized Serial is back. Yeah!

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