Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Photos du Jour

Last night we slept at home! Yeah!

These are my house shoes. They make me so so happy. 

This is a big girl bed. Her first. She was on a crib mattress when we moved away...and she rocked a toddler bed in AMS. Hello big girl!
This was a happy reunion! P was thrilled to see all of her friends. She couldn't wait to show them her new bed...and so she scheduled a viewing...
And then invited everyone into the bed for story time and a sleepover
Speaking of grown up beds. This blanket was 5 euro well spent...he was so fired up and confident it would create football dreams. 
et la piece de resistance...he nearly exploded when we introduced him to his new fusbal table.

Don't get the wrong idea...the rest of the house is such a hot mess. boxes and junk everywhere!


Mary said...

Oh those sweet beds! I want to climb into P's right now! So cute and sweet and special. And a big YES to foosball. Fun!

hvk said...

my kids are huge foosball fans. and i pretty much minored in foos in college. we need to get everyone together for a match! xo

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