Monday, September 21, 2015


Clearly I left a bit of my heart behind when I left Amsterdam. Luckily, I also left behind some good eyes and ears to keep me plugged in to the hot stuff around town. Dankjewel for the tip KS, miss you!

Had I known about 24 Flower 5+ weeks ago, buying flowers there at an odd hour would have been pretty high up on my bucket list. This shop has a vending machine wall, full of bouquets, which can be bought around the clock! Too cool. I'll be back...and when I am, I am coming for you 24Flower!

Photo above is from 24Flower website. Photo below is from the Instagram feed of bartsboekje. 

When it comes to self service vending machines in Amsterdam, avoid Febo (febo must be dutch for 'absolutely disgusting') and run (ok, bike) to Noord for 24Flower!

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