Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hotels in Biarritz

As I clean out my euro phone and move into my new US phone (ask me for my new #), I came across this list of hotels that I noted (for looking fabulous) as I cruised around town in Biarritz. I don't want to lose this list, so I am posting it here.

We have raved about our trip there and someday hope to return.  We have also encouraged all friends to check it out. We loved our airbnb digs, but I love a good hotel too, obvi. So, here is a list of hotels at various price points that looked great:

Hotel Silhoette:

Hotel Florida:

If you plan to spend the vacation in surf camp and eating at le surfing (which you should probably do), you could not find a better location than this apartment/hotel: Carlina.

Le Grand Large was in a good location and has a pool...

Les Ours Blanc/ Caritz
George VI

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