Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grandpa Love

O's sister SN tracked down the following photo/bio amazingness, from the 1922 Johns Hopkins yearbook. TLC (such good initials) was Annie's father (O's grandfather). 

I absolutely love the witty copy, it feels so sharp and timeless - like something someone would post on facebook today. 

"Combined with the beauty of Adonis, 'Teddy' has an unusual hypnotic charm, of all of which he is entirely unconscious."

"...the girls simply 'go wild' over him"

"He usually arrives at 8:30am, just in time for his 8 o'clock class"

A quick look at his photo and bio, and I am amazed to realize how much of him lives on in his family.  O's bro and his ongoing military career, O's niece and her lacrosse success, O and his Adonis good looks (duh!) and engineering degree.  It excites me so much to know my kids have his genes, because he sure seems like a stud. 

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