Friday, July 3, 2015


Dutch swim school is a serious, standardized business. In a land of water like this one, it is no wonder they take water safety and swim proficiency as seriously as they do. Like many other items on our Dutch bucket list that we are scrambling to accomplish before we move, acquiring his A&B swim diplomas was important to WKF. Et voila, he did both. This is a right of passage and a huge milestone in the life of a Dutch child. It was a pleasure to experience it. Another memory made.

The diploma test is administered entirely in Dutch, in front of hundreds of spectators. They don't just give these things away, the kids have to master specific skills (diving, swimming in full clothing and shoes, holding breath, treading water, swimming through an underwater obstacle/tunnel, etc. etc.).

Of course we were proud of his natation, but we were even more proud of his language skills and ability to blend in and mingle with the locals for the big tests...bravo WKF

And hopefully this video works...below a quick video I made to capture his B test highlights...

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