Friday, August 1, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea

If your family (and friends) is spread out like ours is, then I have a unique family gift idea for you. Ceiva. This thing is great!

Here's how it works...each household gets a receiver...which is a networked digital picture frame. Then, each household sets up their account on the Ceiva website (or you can set up for someone - e.g. grandma). Each household configures their account so that the other households have access to post pictures on their receiver. Then, you can post and receive pix online to your ceiva and to the other ceivas in your network.

Each night, the receivers connect to the web and pull down any new pictures which have been posted by family and friends. It is so fun to come down in the morning and see new pix from your family.

The initial investment (getting receivers) is kind of pricey, but it is so worth it. There is also an ongoing annual service fee that is totally worth it. Usually they run a special before the holidays if you are buying multiple receivers. Receivers can be wireless, they can plug in to the internet cable, or they can connect through the phone. You don't have to have a computer (just a phone) to have a receiver (its great for grandparents). We have my Grandmother's receiver configured so that at the push of a button she can order any pix that she likes and a printed copy is sent to her house (you just need to store cc# info in her profile).

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