Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Once a month seems to be my blogging pace these days.

This is how I spent every weekend of January (and december). On the mountain, in the snow...how we like it!

Pro tip: don't try to buy, build and sell a house in the same month. That is our February plan. Feb is not even here yet and it already scares me. 

Our house is pending, and will go to a very sweet deserving family who will love her like we have. Our new house should close 2/22. And the chalet on the hill should be done 2/10. Yikes! That is a lot of moving parts. 

So weird to think of not living here...also so weird to see her in the snow. Did you hear about our snow? It was nuts. My kids missed about 10 days of school for snow, ice, and associated flooding. 

The chalet isn't done yet...but it is close! And it was done enough to have our first party! A twister party for 4!

Luckily...with all this change, some things stay the same...like this guy - my rollerblading amsterdam love...thankfully my early morning running buddies still see him regularly and snap photo evidence. The shot below may be the best full frontal shot of our collection....well done girls, well done! I miss you!!!!!

One final nugget for this random post. If you are wondering how and where I spend my days...here is a backstage tour! I cannot believe I have been in this job over a year - it has flown by and feels like a dream.

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